Sanyo Machine Works


The age of mass production/mass consumption has drawn to a close. We have now entered a new stage, where the value of a company is decided by its intellectual assets such as ideas and information. Here at Sanyo Machine Works, our production systems are developed as a total package, including the hardware and the software. Automotive manufacturers and household electronic manufacturers throughout the world have given Sanyo Machine Works a great compliment in saying that we are their "best business partner".

It is said that the direction Japanese enterprises will take in the 21st century is encompassed in the following key words: information, marketing, and globalization. The focus will be more on capital efficiency and the degree of concentration of knowledge, rather than on the scale of operations. For this reason, from the first days of its inception, Sanyo Machine Works has consistently followed an autonomous path, supported by "technology", which is one of our underlying strengths.

We are determined to continue on this same path. We intend to face the challenges of future change in a positive way with courage and enthusiasm. In this way we aspire to be seen always as a reliable partner by global manufacturing circles.

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