High Performance SERVO PRESS "SMGP"

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Press Tool

Smaller, Space Saving

The size of the press tool has been reduced by 60-90% from our original servo-press and the weight reduced by 40-60%.
The height of the driver is 30mm shorter than our original.
This lighter, smaller design saves valuable cell space and offers great flexibility.

Multi-servo press system
By using the Multi-Controller, the servo press system can save wiring and support field network.


SMGP-Type Servo Press Tool
Controller And Display Panel
High Speed Motor Reduces Cycle Times

Sanyo developed our next generation press with a faster more powerful motor designed specifically for our new generation press tool.
Cycle times can be lowered using approach speeds 150-190% faster than our original products.
High Performance
Pressing force is confirmed and verified by load cell for quality and accuracy.
Stopping accuracy rated at +/- 2% provides great performance and repeatability making this tool ideal for press-fit depth management.
High Accuracy of Press Control
Tried and tested servo control technology combined with high speed CPU enables high accuracy of press control.
High Durability and Excellent Reliability
To ensure outstanding durability, Sanyo servo presses passed a demanding 1 million cycle test, at rated load.
All units are tested for functionality and pressing accuracy before shipment.


Power Supply Separation
The drivers power supply is divided into control and drive power supply.
Therefore, origin return operation after driver power off is unnecessary.
This allows for setting up and monitoring when the drive power supply is turned off.
Flexible Pressing Settings
Eight different pressing programs and 32 independent pressing parameters can be pre-programmed for each connected press tool.
This flexibility allows for combined pressing methods such as the load with length method.
Various pressing options, such as load keeping, are also available.
Process Quality Monitoring
System performs process management and continuous monitoring during the entire process to ensure high-quality pressing.
Judgement function detection allows for over 60 pressing errors to be monitored.
Over 45 items can be selected for end-of-cycle pressing data such as various load, time and length judgments.

SMGP-Type Servo Press Controller
On-Board 7-Segment LED Display for Easy Status Results
By using a 7 segment display, pressing judgement and results are easily viewed.
The multi-controller displays program and parameter number during the pressing process.
Additional Function
Add the output signal of the "Forward Position", "Position 1 output" and the "Position 2 output".
Press data history saves 400 cycles and records the data for 20 load curves in the drive unit.
Memory contents can be viewed on the display panel or by use of the Windows based User Interface Terminal Software.


Optional Expansion Unit
Optional Expansion Unit allows for up to 4 additional option boards for increased flexibility.

Interface Options
The Multi-Controller has multiple option board interfaces to correspond to various manufacturing systems and global networks. RS232C, USB interface and 1 option board slot come standard.
Optional Expansion Unit
Option Board List

Display Panel

Display Panel
Display Panel
In addition to displaying Servo Press functions, the user can configure the screen to display for PLC operations. (Screen configuration software is required)
  • There are multiple display languages; Japanese and English.
  • PLC is able to accept pressing data from this unit.
  • With the use of a high-speed CPU and highly efficient depiction LSI, information is displayed at near real-time.

Servo Press Operation
  • Pressing setting (Programs & Parameters)
  • Type M/S switching
  • Data display
  • Load curve monitoring
  • NG and pressing reports
  • USB port for saving settings and NG reports
  • Maintenance mode for diagnostics
  • Manual operation mode
  • Back-Up settings to memory
  • Password protection option
  • Key lock protection option

User Interface Terminal Software (Option)

  • System configuration (programming)
  • Pressing data acquisition
  • Load curve acquisition and display
  • System maintenance
  • Data acquisition and exportation
  • Communicate with a PC via RS232C Serial Communications, USB, Ethernet and/or optional high speed ARCNET unit.
User Interface Terminal Software

Press Tool Specifications

Model Maximum
Press Load
Maximum Speed
in High Speed
Maximum Speed
in Press
Dimensions (mm)

Width A X Depth B X Length L
SMGP-PT2-005PL-200 5 225 30 200 64 X 189 X 565
SMGP-PT2-010PL-200 10 225 30 200 64 X 189 X 565
SMGP-PT2-030PL-200 30 208 27 200 90 X 241.5 X 675
SMGP-PT3-050PL-200 50 124 16 200 110 X 283 X 777
SMGP-PT3-120PL-200 120 64 8 200 140 X 360 X 974

Special Servo Press also can be supplied.
The above-mentioned specification may be changed without prior notice.
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