SGNR Type M, Type S


Multi-Controller and Driver

SGNR Type Multi-Controller and Driver

Compact Size Saves Space
Newly designed SGNR Multi-Controller and Drivers reduce size by 30mm from our previous model.
  • The compact size of our Driver and Multi-Controller allows for efficient use of space.

High Precision Fastening
Accuracy of fastening is +/-4% or less. (6 Sigma / rated torque)

    High Durability and Excellent Reliability
    Spindles Assembly have been tested for 1 million cycles, at rated torque, to ensure outstanding durability.
    • For traceability and ISO 9000 compliance, all units are tested for durability and tightening accuracy before shipment.

    Interface Options
    The Multi-Controller has multiple option card interfaces to correspond to various manufacturing systems and global networks.
    • RS232C, USB interface and 1 option card slot come standard.

    The Multi-Controller with Optional Expansion Unit
    Optional Expansion Unit
    Optional Expansion Unit allows for up to 4 additional option cards for increased flexibility.
    • Option Expansion unit (shown here) is required when 4 additional option cards are being used.

    Power Supply Separation
    To respond to global safety standards, the Drivers power supply was divided into control and drive power supply.
    This allows for setting up and monitoring when the machine is in an E-stop condition.

      Development of a High-power and High-speed Fastening Motor
      The new generation high-power and high-speed motor shortens cycle times. The maximum free speed of our model SGN-SP1-010 is over 3 times faster than our previous model.
      • SGNR utilizes a high speed CPU for increased processing speed of motor control and fastening operations.

      7-segment LED Display
      New On-Board 7-segment LED Display for Easy Status Results
      By using a 7 segment display, fastening judgement and results are now intelligible.
      • The Multi-Controller displays program No. and parameter No. during the fastening process.
      • The Driver displays the fastening torque or angle in the fastening process.
      • When fastening abnormalities occur, an error message is displayed.

      Flexible Fastening Settings
      Eight different fastening programs and 32 independent fastening parameters can be pre-programmed for each connected spindle.
      Flexible program settings allow for different models and different parts to be fastened by one machine.
      • Various selectable and changeable settings such as fastening speeds, sequences, strategies, operation parameters, and output shaft rotation direction can be customized for your application.
      • This flexibility even makes it possible to mix fastening methods such as the torque control and angle control and allows for simultaneous and/or sequential tightening operations.
      • Various fastening options can be performed, such as double tightening and torque retention.

      Process Quality Monitoring
      SGNR system performs process management and continuous monitoring during the entire tightening process to ensure high-quality fastening.
      • Judgement function detection features over 59 fastening errors which can be monitored.
      • Over 45 items can be selected for end-of-cycle fastening data such as various torque, time and angle judgements.

      Various Fastening Methods
      SGNR allows for multiple fastening methods from basic to advanced.
        The following fastening methods can be performed.
      • Angle monitoring torque control
      • Torque-turn control
      • Torque-tension control
      • Yield point detection control
      • Angle monitoring timed torque control

      Monitored and Automatically Adjusted Torque Control
      Monitored and Automatically Adjusted Torque Control
      When fastening, Sanyo's patented control method, measures and monitors angle and time to adjust motor speed automatically to insure the fastening process is completed in the set amount of time.

        Component Descriptions

        Display Panel

        In addition to displaying Nutrunner functions, the user can configure the screen to display PLC operations.
        (Screen configuration software is required)

        • You can choose from 5.7 inches TFT color, STN color, STN monochrome or 12 inches TFT color according to your budget.
        • There are multiple display languages; Japanese, English and Korean.
        • PLC is able to accept fastening data from this machine.
        • With the use of a high-speed CPU and highly efficient depiction LSI, information is displayed at near real-time.
        Display Panel

        Nutrunner Operation
        • Fastening setting (Program & Parameters)
        • Data display
        • Torque curve monitoring
        • NG and fastening reports
        • USB port for saving settings
        • Maintenance mode for diagnostics
        • Manual operation mode
        • Back-Up settings to memory
        • Password protection option
        • Key lock protection option
        • Type M/S switiching
        Nutrunner Operation

        Programmable Operator Interface
        Two-in-one Display Panel allows for programmable PLC interface and Nutrunner operation.
        • Software for configuring the interface screen is provided.
        Programmable Operator Interface

        User Interface Terminal Software (Option)

        The User Interface Terminal Windows based software is a useful tool for the initial configuration of a fastening system, collecting fastening data, displaying torque curves, and saving settings.
        • System configuration (programming)
        • Fastening data acquisition
        • Torque curve acquisition and display
        • Display of reject history (NG Report)
        • System maintenance
        • Data acquisition and exportation
        • Communicate with a PC via RS232C Serial Communications, USB cable and/or optional high speed ARCNET unit.
        User Interface Terminal Software

        Peripheral Equipment

        Manually Operated Articulating Arm

        • Ultra-Light and high-rigidity body.
        • Eliminates torque reaction to the operator.
        • You can choose within position detection or without.
        • Error proofing through the use of position detection.
        • The automatic change of a fastening parameter is possible either by position location or fastener number.
        • A maximum of 32 positions can set up.
        • Space saving design.
        • Easy installation.
        • Piping of air is not required.
        Manually Operated Articulating Arm


        • Many end-of-tool options to choose from.
        Gear Socket Socket Extension Angle Head
        Gear Socket Socket Extension Angle Head


        Nutrunner Set Models Rated Torque (N.m) Torque Range (N.m) Fastening Accuracy Free Speed (rpm)
        SGNR(T*1)-005S 5.0 1.5-5.00 ≤±4%
        (6σ/Rated Torque)
        SGNR(T*1)-010S 10.0 3.0-10.0 2200
        SGNR(T*1)-025S 25.0 7.5-25.0 750
        SGNR(T*2)-050S 50.0 15.0-50.0 750
        SGNR(T*2)-100S 100 30-100 750
        SGNR(T*3)-180S 180 54-180 465
        SGNR(T*3)-320S 320 96-320 300
        SGNR(T*3)-580S 580 174-580 155
        SGNR(T*3)-1000S 1000 300-1000 85
        SGNR(T*3)-1800S 1800 540-1800 50
        * It is "M" when using with a Multi-Controller. It is "S" when using without Multi-Controller.

        Note:1N.m=0.102 kgf.m=0.738 ft.Lbs

        Special Nutrunner also can be supplied.
        The above-mentioned specification may be changed without prior notice.

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